Yoga & Mindfulness

Our daily 60 minute yoga session before breakfast will energise you and set you up for the day ahead. During our 4 Days Digital Detox we also offer an afternoon yoga session of 60 minutes on Friday and Saturday. 


Whether you are a complete beginner or at an intermediate to advanced level, our yoga teachers make sure you feel comfortable but also slightly challenged according to your individual needs.

Hatha yoga has been proven for us to be the best style to start a day full of experiences. Our goal is to clear your mind and get you to a state of awareness, in order to fully take everything in with this practice. It will ease your muscles from the daily hikes and allow you to release your stress from back home.

As summer is in full swing in Bavaria in August, we are planning to hold our yoga session in our spacious garden as usual. You will get to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air in the rising morning sun, the birds singing, while enjoying the magnificent views onto the Bodenmais valley.

On days when the weather might not be with us, we will host the yoga and meditation session on the 3rd floor of our retreat house, where you can also enjoy the scenic views.

In order to complement your mindfulness experience, we also offer 1-2 meditations throughout the retreat, mostly out in nature when the time and surroundings feel right, during or after the hikes, or back at the retreat house.

The daily group coaching sessions will provide you further with practical tools for your mind that you also can apply after the retreat in your daily busy lives. This is more than just a yoga retreat! 

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