Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the best way to get to the retreat accommodation Haus Sonnenfels in Bodenmais?


The nearest airport is Munich (1.5 hours drive) with several public transit connections and rental car options from 15-20 EUR per day. Alternative airports are Salzburg, Prague, Memmingen, Nürnberg (approx. 3 hours drive) with flights including www.ryanair.com and local rental car company options as well as public transport. For your flight options check out www.skyscanner.com or www.kayak.com.

For public transport from Munich airport, you can either take a train to the local station Regen (most connections via Plattling) from Freising (or Munich Central station) accessible via an S-Bahn/bus ride from Munich airport.


From Ireland, Ryanair flies once a day early in the morning from Dublin to Munich (Erding) and late in the evening from Munich (Erding) to Dublin for competitive prices.


We can pick you up at the station in Regen if you decide to travel by train. Regular coaches (like Flixbus) run to Deggendorf on a daily basis, where you can then take a train further to Regen for a free pick-up.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions or advice on how to best get to us! We are happy to assist you planning your journey to us based on local knowledge and experience.


What is the nearest airport?


Our nearest and most common airport is the International Airport in Munich. For flight options, please see www.skyscanner.com.


Please see more info above and/or feel free to get in touch with us to support you in finding the best way to get to us for you.


What do I need to bring?


Comfortable clothes that you can properly move in for the yoga (also long ones for outdoors)

- Some other casual clothes for after yoga & hikes for dinner

- Backpack and water bottle

- Walking shoes or hiking boots (ideally with ankle support, but not necessary)

- Different layers for the hikes including t-shirts, long sleeves/fleece jackets (ideally breathable textiles)

- Waterproof jacket and walking trousers

- Swimwear and flip-flops for the sauna and local swimming pool

- Hiking Poles (if you prefer walking with them)

- Sunglasses and sunscreen

- Hat for sun, wind and rain protection

- Shampoo and shower gel

- House shoes

- Phone or camera for pictures

- Travel adaptor if travelling from outside Germany/Europe


What is the weather like May/June and August?


The weather is usually quite mild and pleasant end of May/ early June in the Bavarian Forest and should allow outdoor yoga in the morning, just like last year. Expect temperatures ranging anything from an average of 15 to 25 degrees during the day. The perfect hiking weather.


In August summer is usually in full swing in Bavaria. Temperatures may even rise up to over 30 degrees as during the day last year and it’s usually perfect for some outdoor yoga in the morning on nice days. During cooler and rainy days, temperatures might range around an average of 15-20 degrees.


What is (mind) coaching?


You can also read more about coaching here and access our article about “The Benefits of Coaching” here.


Will I have to actively participate or share anything personal during the group coaching sessions?


During the group coaching sessions we do not ask anybody to share personal issues or actively contribute if you don't feel comfortable doing so. We only provide you with the tools, exercises and insights to achieve your goals.


Is there a fixed schedule that we daily stick to?

We might be based in Germany, but don’t like to take things too German. Katrin, our retreat leader, likes to go with the flow and adapt and organise our daily schedules of what is included in your package around the daily weather and the group’s energy, mood and preferences, which has proven very successful in the past.


For sample itineraries, please check out “What to expect” for our 4 Days Digital Detox and 8 Days Recharge Body & Mind respectively.


Do I need to join all of the activities?

As we understand that every guest and every day is different, we will discuss personal preferences each day at the dinner table with the group. We do not want to overwhelm you with a day that might be too packed for your relaxation and right balance, and thus always give you the personal freedom to take a break from the active side of things and just relax.


May I join as a yoga “newbie”?

Absolutely. In general, an average about half of our retreat guests are new to yoga and our teachers will make you feel welcome and at ease on your yoga mat while they will still challenge our not-so-new yogis at the same time.


What style of yoga is taught during the retreat?

Hatha yoga has been proven for us to be the best style to start a day full of new experiences. Our goal is to clear your mind and get you to a state of awareness, in order to fully take everything in. It will ease your muscles from the daily hikes and allow you to release your stress from back home.


Who will be our yoga instructor?

The retreat teachers are announced under the “Yoga” section of each individual retreat.


Will the level of yoga be challenging enough for me as an intermediate/advanced yogi?

We carefully select our yoga teachers to cater for mixed levels of experience within our retreat group. Our teachers offer several asana modifications during the yoga sessions in order to meet everybody’s needs - from beginners to advanced yogis.


What were previous retreats like?

In our Testimonial section, you can read about some of our previous guests’ experiences.

In our Gallery you will find some more impressions. Also, follow us on Instagram or Facebook for a collection of our best moments and more.


Can I pay by credit card, PayPal or cash?

In order to keep retreat package prices as low as possible for you, our selected method of payment is bank transfer. You will receive further instruction including our IBAN and SWIFT/BIC at the time of booking.

Cash payments are not accepted as full payments need to be done at least 1 month before each retreat start in order to guarantee your room booking with Haus Sonnenfels.


If for any reason, you will have to pay by PayPal or credit card, please contact us regarding the transactional surcharges that apply.


Is it possible to share a double room with other retreat guests that I haven’t met yet?

As our rooms are mostly double rooms with 2 adjacent single beds, we usually do not offer any shared room options for people who are not travelling together. Unfortunately we cannot cater for any twin room setup and pair you after booking.


When will the retreat go ahead?

The retreat will go ahead with a minimum of 4 participants.

How many people can attend?

We try to keep our groups small for a better retreat effect and will not exceed a strict maximum of 12 people per retreat.

Where are most of the guests from?

We have had guests from all over the world ranging from different age groups from end of 20s to the mid 50s. About half of our guests are generally from all over Germany, which always makes it a good mix of like minded people coming together with new friendships forming across borders.

Will my English skills be sufficient?

We are based in Germany, however, we offer our retreats mainly in the English language to cater for an international audience from sometimes all over the world.

Previous retreats have seen a good mix of cultures and languages without any major barriers as our retreat leader Katrin, who grew up in the retreat village Bodenmais in Bavaria, has lived abroad for over 12 years and is fluent in English and French.

If at any stage, you feel the need for some quick explanation or translation help during the English speaking yoga or mind coaching sessions, our instructors will be happy to assist you and make you at ease in the group.


Why are the yoga and coaching sessions in English?

We would like to offer our retreats to guests worldwide and thus decided to make our main language English. Our retreat leader Katrin has been living abroad for 12 years and has travelled all 5 continents. It’s a real pleasure for her now to share some of her “home” culture with the rest of the world with a truly local experience. More about Katrin here.

How can I be reached for emergencies during the 4 Days Digital Detox?

For peace of mind during your retreat, we will provide you with an emergency number that you can share with your close ones for any unlikely emergencies.


I have never attended a retreat (alone) before, I’m not sure if it’s right for me.

“There is no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet”. This quote by W. B. Yeats sums it up quite well for our retreats. Most of our guests decide to take a break on their own, to get away from things, reflect, recharge their batteries and disconnect from daily life or the digital world.

Katrin, our retreat leader, has the ability to create a very welcoming atmosphere for all guests from all over the world that will make you at ease. For more impressions, visit our Gallery or contact us directly to discuss your goals, any concerns or questions you might have.


Will I have to bring my own yoga mat?

No, your retreat package includes usage of our yoga mats, blocks and blankets as well as our meditation cushions. If you decide to stick to your own mat and bring it along, you are more than welcome to do so.


What kind of food will be provided?

You will nourish your body with tasty and energising food discovering the local Bavarian cuisine while still eating healthy starting with a very varied breakfast buffet after your daily yoga sessions.


Vegetarian and vegan options are also catered for on the daily dinner menu that is specifically selected for our retreat guests among a choice of a typical Bavarian dish to introduce you to our local cuisine.

For lunch, we usually pack our own fresh lunch boxes or stop at a catered hut or restaurant depending on our walk or hike of the day.



Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

We always make sure that there is vegetarian or vegan options available for all meal types throughout the day. Please note that the Bavarian cuisine can include non-vegetarian options for other guests at the same table. We can also cater for a gluten free diet if you let us know in advance.

For any other dietary requirements, please get in touch with us.


Do I also have the possibility to benefit from individual 1:1 coaching sessions?

Absolutely. Some of our guests would like to discuss more specific and personal goals that go beyond our group coaching sessions - either face-to-face during or also after the retreat as online sessions. Packages are available upon request depending on your personal goals.

Once those are discussed, Katrin can then decide together with you on the right amount of sessions and timeframe to ensure the best possible outcome. Prices vary depending on the individual packages and will be discussed upfront.


Not sure yet if this is the right thing for you? Feel free to get in touch with us for more information or simply chat to Katrin during the retreat. We have had clients before who decided to start individual coaching sessions during the retreat with highly positive outcomes. Feel free to read more in our reviews.


Is the deposit refundable?

In case you need to cancel your retreat booking, we will unfortunately not be able to refund any deposits or payments made. We recommend to take out travel insurance to cover you for those unlikely cases.

What makes us different from all the other retreats out there?

Based on our guests feedback, it is the combination of daily hikes in stunning nature including outdoor meditation, the yoga sessions with mountain views in a great group atmosphere and the opportunity to work on your mind with a renowned coach while experiencing the true Bavaria and meeting like-minded people with a lasting impact.

We also get in touch with you before the retreat to learn more about your goals and expectations to provide you with the best possible retreat experience.

Check out our Reviews or visit our Gallery for more impressions.