You will nourish your body with a mix of tasty, energising and healthy foods while also discovering the local Bavarian cuisine.


Vegetarian and vegan options are catered for throughout all meals of the day. If you have any dietary requirements, please get in touch with us beforehand. 



After our daily morning yoga sessions, a rich breakfast buffet with lots of options is awaiting you to fuel you for your day ahead.

Next to a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, we serve different types of cereals, cheese and some fine ham from the local butcher for those who do not want to miss out on their daily meat portion.


The same goes for those who feel like they need their freshly brewed pot of coffee to further wake up. A selection of tea, yoghurts, alternatives to milk and eggs will not be missed either.


We also love to surprise you with something local like the Bavarian cheese "Obatzda" or other local food to make it a true Bavarian experience for you. 



Usually, this is your very own home made lunch box with whatever your heart desires for your outdoor lunch. Depending on the daily walk or hike, we might decide to stop at a local chalet or restaurant instead to further enhance your local Bavarian experience.



For Dinner, we will leave you the choice of about 2-3 selected meal options per day that we carefully select for the retreat. Choices range from a typical Bavarian dish to vegetarian and vegan options to make sure everybody finds something that his or heart desires. 

Once you are booked in with us, we will also send you a short questionnaire before your retreat start to ask you for your preferences in order to make sure we can adapt our meal choices as much as possible to the group. 

Snacks, Water & Tea 

Healthy Snacks are constantly provided during your stay, as well as free water and tea.



For any dietary requirements, please inform us beforehand.