8 Days Recharging Body & Mind - Hiking, Yoga and Mind Coaching in Bavaria, Germany 


Treat yourself with this transformational break to be(come) THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU while actively recharging your batteries during this transformational break from 22nd - 29th August 2020.


This retreat is for you if you want to...


  • feel recharged and energised

  • leave all your responsibilities behind for a full week

  • reconnect with nature again

  • feel more balanced 

  • empowered and inspired

  • become a happier person 

  • discover the Bavarian Forest and enjoy this beautiful nature by foot

  • stay with a local family business to discover the real Bavaria that you cannot find in Mun

  • taste local Bavarian dishes in a rustic atmosphere or simply stick to a healthy diet

  • meet like-minded people and make new friends from all over the world

  • change your mindset and set clear boundaries in your daily life

  • become aware of what is really important to you, what harms you and what supports you

  • optionally work towards specific goals with the support of our personal & business coach Katrin in 1:1 sessions

  • look back to unforgettable memories of your Bavarian week and be grateful for having treated yourself

Start your day with an energising yoga session, breathing in pure mountain air. Disconnect from your daily life on our guided walks and hikes in the stunning scenery and enjoying a true Bavarian experience.


Most of our walks and hikes start at the retreat centre and lead through pine forests to waterfalls and some breathtaking viewing points. The hikes usually take about an average of 2-5 hours.

We will also hike up the summit of the Großer Arber, the highest point of the Bavarian summit at 1456m to enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of the region. A popular highlight.

As an alternative, you can always choose to relax in the spacious retreat house or in our local swimming pools and sweat out your stress and worries in the sauna. A round or two in our "Kneipp" pool will your blood circulation further and improve your sleep and wellbeing.

Our daily group coaching sessions lead by our retreat leader & personal and business coach Katrin Sturm will equip you with new personal insights by discovering your personal values, gratitude exercises and useful tips for work-life balance such as setting healthy boundaries. You will increase your self-awareness, gain new perspectives, set new goals and learn how to keep a positive mindset.


We are happy to discuss your preferred topics and goals for the week in order to personalise your experience with us as much as possible.

During the group coaching sessions we do not ask anybody to share personal issues or actively contribute if you don't feel comfortable doing so. We only provide you with the tools, exercises and insights to achieve your goals.

You will nourish your body with tasty and energising food discovering the local Bavarian cuisine while still eating healthy starting with a varied breakfast buffet after your daily yoga sessions.

Vegetarian options are catered for on the daily dinner menu that is specifically selected for our retreat guests among a choice of a typical Bavarian dish(es) and other favourites to introduce you to our local cuisine.

For lunch, we usually pack our own fresh lunch boxes or stop at a catered hut or restaurant depending on our walk or hike of the day.



You also want to take this as an opportunity to start working towards specific life or career goals? Together with our trilingual Executive & Life Coach, Katrin Sturm, you will work on gaining more clarity in life and work - either during or also after your retreat.


Are you having doubts about your job, or do you simply want to become a happier person? This is your chance to work with a renowned coach to clear any blockages stopping you from taking action. Learn more about coaching here.

A daily programme might look as follows (but is subject to change based on selected hiking routes and the weather): 

  8.00 -   9.00  Morning Yoga  

  9.00 - 10.00  Breakfast 

10.30 - 14.30  Guided Hike with Freshly Packed Nature Lunch 

14.30 - 17.00  Time for Relaxation, Sauna and Kneipp

17.00 - 17.45  Group Coaching by our retreat experts

18.00 - 19.00  Afternoon Yoga Session

19.00 - 20.00  Group Dinner

As we understand that every guest and every day is different, we will discuss personal preferences each day at the dinner table with the group.


We do not want to overwhelm you with a day that might be too packed for your relaxation and right balance, and thus always give you the personal freedom to take a break from the active side of things and just chill out on our premises or explore on your own. 


Enjoy the magnificent mountain views, forest smells, and just soak in the peaceful silence from your room. Read a book in our green and spacious garden or in our cosy lounge area or simply venture off on your own for one of the many things to see and do in the area.